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We have specialists in all fields; Business&Marketing, Education, Sciences&Tech, Literature, Medicine,  Social&Humanities, Arts, Tourism, so on…

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PWK Translation



Translation Service

PWK Translation 

Languages and Content Solution

We translate your English or French text into Thai and ensure that your message is clear and appropriately directed at your clients. We will try to stick as closely as possible to your source text; in practice we will occasionally suggest slight changes to make it more suitable for your target market. Thorough research on any subject we translate and my cultural understanding of your target market enable us to make those professional suggestions.
We translate all types of documents.

Business Documents:

Financial Statement, Brochure&Flyers, User or Employee Manuals, Press release, Strategy plan, Corporate profile, product data  sheet, proposal, newsletter, presentation, correspondence, business website, so on…
Academic documents:

Article, Essay, Research Abstract, Dissertation, Thesis, Journal, Review, Case study, etc.
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CV/Resume/Profile Service

CV Resume Profile Making - PWK Translation

We have also a Team of experienced writers and professionals in languages in the field of HR. They can provide you best services in creating your profile in every purpose: Paper CV and Resume for job application or higher education purpose(Bachelor, Master, Ph.D. or Post-doc levels in every  school and university), digital CV/Resume, Digital profile, LinkedIn Makeover, Profile making service (personal, professional or corporate), etc. Analyzing deeply into the requirements of each required job position or academic program in all levels, we know exactly what the organization/school needs. Your profile will absolutely be outstanding, highlighting your strengths and skills according to the requirements. After-sales service is also at your disposal: unlimited reviews, friendly technical support, proofreading and editing by native, on-time delivery, Free premium CV templates.

High standard guaranteed!


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Editing Service
In addition to correcting errors in your translated text(proof-reading), we check the translation against the source and probably suggest possible changes to the text in terms of sentence structure, verb tenses, word usage, etc. This ensures that your text reads well and your message is clearly communicated and perfectly adapted to your target audiences.


Proofreading Service
We check your already translated text for errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, word usage and also for accuracy of formatting as well as numbers and dates in keeping in our mind the esthetic of your passage.

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